What can you say to other A.R.C. students?
James – Dauphin County – “The counselors are here to help you get your life better. Get what you can out of your treatment.”
Joe – Bucks County – “Don’t say what they want to hear, say what is real. A.R.C. is only what you make of it for yourself. If you want to change you have to do it because you want to, not because somebody is trying to force you.”
Jeremy – Philadelphia – “Do it and take it seriously. You do everything for a reason and every choice you make has an outcome,. You can make a good choice or a bad choice, but you have to learn from your bad mistakes and move on.”
Jasmine – Dauphin County – “You should start as soon as they het here so that they won’t have to go through a lot of problems here. It might seem like it is bad in the beginning, but good things will come out of it because you have to feel pain before you can feel joy.”

What has helped you the most?
James – Dauphin County – “I look at treatment as a way to mature myself. The one thing I have learned the most is that I need to let everything come one day at a time.”
Joe – Bucks County – “I have been in other treatment places and I had an attitude like the treatment I was seeing was the same old thing again, so how could it help me this time?” By listening and being honest with myself and the counselors.
Jeremy – Philadelphia – “Listening to other peers tell about what has happened with them and the ways they have messed up in the past. Realizing that after A.R.C. there is not going to be any more treatment. If I mess up, I will be sent to jail.”
Jasmine – Dauphin County – “Learning how to express my feelings instead of always fighting and cussing at people is what really helped me.”

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