Hi, I was in your placement in 1995-1996 in Lancaster County. Jim F. was my counselor, a man named Vern was our director. I am not sure why I decided to try and look up ARC tonight. My daughter was down for a week at the beach in Ventnor NJ, she is 8 and we were talking about the difference in schools, private, public, etc., which made me think of my youth. I guess I just wanted to take the opportunity to say tanks for all that truly try to help some of us in our toughest times in our youths. I don’t blame myself for ending up there, I was grateful my struggle was ending, my upbringing was horrifying, I am thankful I ended up there in your program. It was not the greatest place, but it was much better then the home my dad had raised me in. Your program offered me opportunity, support and a way out of the destruction that had been placed in front of me. I ran from home, cold winters, no food, led to theft, led to anger, led to hatred, led to complete despair, lack of trust, very troubling. Your program was a gift from God. Truly an angel sent from the heavens. Thank you and those who try.

My experience as a youth was challenging. I do not feel shame nor glorify it. We are given a life the requires lots of decisions to be made. Sometimes I truly feel that we do not have the opportunity to be our best, settle for something less then who we are just because a decision must be made. A lot of children suffer in inadequate homes for many reasons, find themselves making bad decisions, opportunity to make good ones are not available, or the children just lack the education to do so. ARC I considered a friend to me, a lot of caring people worked there, some had faults of their own, but what was important was the chance I was given to be a positive person….ARC saved my youth, saved my adulthood, and now an 8 year old girl enjoys a happy life. So again, say thank you to the organization as a whole, tell the staff their efforts do affect the youth and the youth may change their life….Not everyone makes it, the world does not have a nice place available for everyone, but everyone can create a nice place within themselves, stay true to themselves, lead themselves to peace. All souls can find peace, forgive other, forgive one-self…

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  1. Vern Moore says:

    I remember Harold. He was determined to do well. God Bless

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