Throughout the year, A.R.C. organizes agency-wide, group activities that focus on heritage, culture and growth of students’ self-esteem that is necessary for them to become independent, productive citizens.

Every February during the African American History Fair, our students prepare drawings, crafts, speeches, songs and skits with the guidance of our Education Department. Our cooks prepare a homemade food reminiscent of African heritage. Truly a remarkable day enjoyed not only by the students and staff but many members of the families attend and support their child while participating in this school project. Officers of the court are welcome and several take time away from their busy schedule to watch the performances. Judges are in place and have the difficult task of selecting the top student in each category.

Latino Day is held in September and our Education Department help the students research their papers, study their poems, rehearse their songs and choreograph the dance moves. It is a remarkable experience to see these once school-work shy children, shine like never before. Our Education Department spends weeks preparing the students for this event. The cooks bring it all to the table with an exceptional Latino based menu. Parents of students at goal level are welcome to attend all open events.

When the weather improves, A.R.C. schedules many outdoor activities for the students. There is a 2-day Summer Olympic Event, a Bike Challenge and Community Service Projects. We also hold a hands-on Science Camp, learning math like never before Math Camp, student and staff participate in the 5K Run/Walk and Recognition Banquets are held for students achieving various goals such as their GED or courage status. Additional special events have been sponsored through Friends of A.R.C.

The students are recognized for their hard work and each facility nominates a Student of the Month. This award comes with an A.R.C. T-shirt and an extra privilege inside the facility. From the list of the Students of the Month, the Directors discuss who has excelled the furthest among them to become the Agency Student of the Month, which also affords an upgraded status within the facility.

The students are encouraged to participate in our Culinary Program which requires them to forgo 120 hours of free time. The student will read about kitchen safety and once a basic knowledge is achieved, the student will shadow the cook outside of school hours. Successful completion of the program results in a Certificate that states the student has learned basic kitchen safety and skills and affords the student an opportunity for an unpaid internship at the Harrisburg Hilton which mirrors the culinary program offered at HACC.