Alternative Rehabilitation Communities, Inc. has an ongoing commitment to diversity. We provide the opportunity for all providers and vendors to participate in our bidding process regardless of their race or ethnicity. We offer a non-discriminating bidding process for the purchase of supplies which represents our Supplier Diversity Program. Purchasing staff at all programs and at the administrative office are notified annually of our priority to consider all bidders regardless of their race or ethnicity. As part of this program, we actively seek out suppliers who can provide services at the highest quality for our students, at the lowest possible price without regard for race, color or creed. Companies, small or large, are encouraged to complete the bidding process and we will always recognize the best candidate regardless of race, color or creed. Small business vendors, including disadvantaged owned businesses, minority-owned business, women-owned businesses, and disabled-owned businesses, are a vital part of fulfilling our mission and our commitment to support our communities.

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