Alternative Rehabilitation Communities, Inc. (A.R.C.) has been providing services to court adjudicated youth since 1975. A.R.C.’s residential services are the hallmark of the agency’s continuum of service. Our service philosophy supports a home-like, community-based focus for our students. The programs are highly structured, peer oriented and located in a community setting. Our programs provide Individual Service Plans for each student, individual and group counseling, individual and group education, recreation as well as group living skills. A.R.C. has been a pioneer in providing staff-secure programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and this model has been replicated throughout the State.

The program models include: male residential programs, female residential program and a shelter care in Dauphin County housing male and female students. Additional male facilities focusing on specific needs are: residential with focus on drug and alcohol component; residential with transitional living component; residential with Latino language barrier component; residential for youths with sexual behavior issues and a residential for youth with mental health issues.

A.R.C. will consider youth ages 14 – 19 years, first time offenders as well as youth who are classified as serious and chronic offenders, repeat offenders, repeat offenders with multiple offenses, offenders with many prior institutional placements and placement as an alternative to security for their residential programs. Youths ages 11-18 are considered for the shelter care services provided at Schaffner Youth Center. The Neighborhood Reporting Centers are for at-risk Dauphin County male youth and held outside of traditional school hours. Our criteria for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for all students without regard to race, color, national origin, religion or disability.